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The nothing, installation with text, video and audio sample, 2016


 Nothing is dark grey. Nothing is thick and thin at the same time.

 The sound of nothing is the sound of the refrigerator at night, the mute, hollow sound of the empty room, the traffic noise coming from far away, the sound of the laptop's fan struggling.

The image of nothing is the image of dust dancing in the air, which you can see only when the light falls over it, when it's floating inside a white ray of light.

 The texture of nothing is the feeling of the traces that stay on the paper after erasing something you wrote.

 Nothing is not inexistent, nothing exists. It exists in the void between the double window glasses. In the void between your fingers when they're not closing entirely. It exists at the big highway after 2.00a.m.when everything is dark, except from a few cold orange lights. When there are no cars and you just hear them from far away. It exists late at night, when you look from your window, and whilst the most part of the city is sleeping, through some windows you can still see the light inside changing colors because of the TV. It exists when the blue light from the laptop that's still working illuminates the room and makes the white sheets glowing in the dark.

 Nothing exists when everybody else is sleeping and you're still awake.

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