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 We keep some objects preciously, near us, forever. Sometimes these objects become for us as important as people. Our objects bear our stories and our stories make our memories. If we are made from our memories, could it be that we are also made from our objects?


 This artistic intervention was conceived and realized with a fellow artist, Maéva Rossignol (, at the Senior's Center Albert Barraud in Bordeaux, in collaboration with the hostess of the center, Manon Marchand Ferret. The hostess and seven members of the center (elderly women) participated in this project for 10 sessions, during several months. At the beginning, the participants were asked to bring a personal and significant for them object and share their stories with the group. Afterwards, polaroid photos of them with their objects have been taken in a scenography of their own conception. At the end, each participant was assigned the photo of someone else and was asked to write a new fictional story inspired by that photo.

 A board have been created, for each participant, containing: the text with the real story of their object, the two photos of them and their object and the fictional text, written by another participant, inspired by their photo.

Katerina Mavridi & Maéva Rossignol, Souvenir(s), collages/results of an artistic intervention at the Senior's Club Albert Barraud, carton boards/polaroid photos/texts, each board: 30x60cm., 2019


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